1. Shop cat!

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    "Edgar Allan Ho!"


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    The real thing.

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    Over the weekend you may have heard of or seen - nude photos of celebrities were stolen off of their phones and posted online. It’s a terrible invasion of privacy, but probably the most disconcerting part of this for me is that some people are blaming the celebrities for having the nude photos on their phones in the first place.

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    Day1 #Inktober

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    Parents repeating themselves

    I feel this on a spiritual level.

    This is the most irritating thing that my mother(s) do. point blank

    I feel this about technology…

    My mom - “generic text message”
    … 15 minutes later phone call … 10 minutes later phone call with voice mail


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    Damnit Hello Kitty. Dafuq kinda pose is that?

    We poked her in the eye.

    With what?!?! ;)

  9. Great day for a wedding of two lovely souls!