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    [leaves this here and backs away]


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    Tbh I hate having this weird sort of internalized shame about saying I want to get fucked and I don’t want to blame the entire queer male community for it but at times there definitely is a sort of stigma that comes with bottoming and I hate that because even though I…

    Yea - just what the fuck.


    I love all the Growlr, Scruff, Bear411, and Grindr apps going around because I grew up in BFE Illinois and just having some people to chat with my age and older was so incredibly helpful and kind. I will never forget all the awesome folks I met who helped me come out to myself and then all the other important people in my life. I was sort of late bloomer to the gay party… ;)

    But what I HATE are the people on the apps or who use the apps to just be cruel and all sorts of sex-shamey towards other people who aren’t “into” what they like, and then have the nerve to message you informing you of their sex-shamey-stance. I usually don’t rage at them, but maybe I should. So for the record I decided to record my sexual stance in the form of a haiku:

    I am a bottom
    Except when I am a top
    The moment will tell


  3. Ahahaha - can this be true?!

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    Apparently waiting over an hour for a plate of trendy Korean food makes me pissy. And fat. Spicy tofu. Pffft.

    Dat face.

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    Sam Chivers


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  6. Sexy as fuuuuuu _**

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    So, this just happened backstage.

    President Obama and David Karp are about to kick off a Q&A on college affordability live from the White House. Tune in at 4 p.m. ET at WhiteHouse.Tumblr.com

    Yerp. He’s the president.

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    Gooey Monster Cookies Recipe on { lilluna.com } ADORABLE!! http://is.gd/0piimK

  9. I love repurposed stuff used in modern design!

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    You gotta be fuckin kidding me.


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